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Carry Idea: Pavona D'Wedge Purse Insert

Our Law Shield members may be interested to hear about EAA Corp’s Pavona D’Wedge Purse Insert, which turns ordinary handbags into concealed-carry systems.

As always, we don’t endorse products, but we do like to let members know about interesting products when we find them.

With hundreds of concealed-carry handbags hitting today’s market, EAA Corp designed a concealed-carry insert which would transition most standard purses or satchels into concealed-carry systems with minor fitting required.

Manufactured and assembled in the USA, the D’Wedge fits into most internal purse compartments. Adjustable components permit the user to increase or decrease the width of D’Wedge for a snug placement inside.

Once a firm position has been established, the hook-and-loop holster design allows the user to adjust it to her user-unique griping and retrieval style.

The Pavona D’Wedge Purse Insert (SKU 999875) is 14 inches long and has a minimum length of 10 inches. It’s 2.75 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall. MSRP: $49.95.

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