Can My Choice of Ammo Land Me in a Missouri Jail Cell?

Choice of ammunition is important. You certainly don’t want to go to jail because you choose the wrong ammunition. There’s a couple of types of ammunition that are prohibited. First, under federal law, certain types of armor-piercing ammunition are prohibited and that includes within the State of Missouri.

Prohibited Ammunition

Now, what does Missouri prohibit? Any projectile rounds that have an independent explosive charge. Basically, if you fire a bullet that has its own explosive charge and it’s going to explode on impact, that type of round is prohibited. Don’t buy it. Don’t possess it. It’s illegal in Missouri.

Can my choice of ammo impact civil liability?

Within the wide range of legal ammunition that you can purchase and use in the State of Missouri, it is important to remember that certain kinds of self-defense rounds could be used against you in a civil trial. Let’s say for instance that you have to shoot someone with your firearm, and you use a hollow-point bullet. Well, the plaintiff’s attorney on the other side of the lawsuit may make a big deal out of that hollow-point ammunition and argue that you were looking to take someone down. If you buy RIP, or black talon ammo, could that be something that’s used against you in a civil trial? Absolutely, the plaintiff’s lawyer is expected to make a big deal out of your choice of ammunition. It’s important that you have an attorney to represent you who’s not only a good litigator but also understands firearms.

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