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Can I Defend Myself in an Oklahoma Mall Parking Lot?

The following is a video transcript.

I want to talk to you today about situational awareness during the upcoming shopping season, which also includes the sale days after Christmas.

It is very important that when you exit the shopping areas in shopping malls, you are situationally aware of the condition, the weather, and people’s position in relation to you between the exit of the shopping mall and your automobile where you’re parked.

It is more important to be situationally aware when you’re in an underground or covered parking, because those areas tend to be darker and there are people lurking about, sometimes with nefarious purposes.

Please be aware that in the State of Oklahoma, we have Stand Your Ground Laws. Stand Your Ground Laws mean that you are allowed to use reasonable force with reasonable force, up to and including deadly force. That means using a firearm or a knife to defend yourself or your loved ones if the situation calls for such drastic action.

Many times, a taser or a bottle of pepper spray is sufficient to ward off a potential mugger, attacker, or robber who may go off to find easier prey. Please be aware that your use of force must be justified by the circumstances and you may be afraid, but fear is not enough in Oklahoma. It must be reasonable in light of the circumstances, and the Reasonable Man Rule applies whenever you have to defend yourself using reasonable force or deadly force.

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