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Carrying at School-Sponsored Sporting Events

I’d like to talk to you today about what to do with your handgun when you are attending a sporting event. If you are attending a sporting event located at a school, elementary school, secondary school, private school, college or university, public or private—in the State of Oklahoma, don’t do it. You are prohibited by law from carrying at any of those locations, whether you are going to the sporting event or not.

Private Venue Events

Now then, let’s move on to attending a sporting event at a private venue. It could be a stadium in downtown Oklahoma City. It could be a football stadium out in the suburbs. It could be a professional sporting event. All of these places—whether they were built by the municipality, the state, or by private concerns, or whether they’re managed and operated by private businesses—all depend on whether or not the promoter of the event allows the concealed or open carry of firearms at their sporting event. Almost universally, almost 100% prohibit the carrying, either openly or concealed, of firearms, whether you’re licensed or not, at their sporting events.

Now then, how would you know? There are various tips. One tip is, signs prominently placed barring the carrying of firearms, no gun signs. Another is, on their websites. They will have clues on their websites such as, “No firearms are allowed during our sporting events” or, “No carrying of firearms.”

Security Checks

And number three, of course, is as you are attending the sporting event you might see that there is security there checking every person as they attend—looking into women’s handbags, checking coats. If you’re in such a line, you’ll face the embarrassing possibility of either being arrested or detained or perhaps being required to return back to your car and put your gun away. So save yourself the humiliation and bother and do a little bit of advanced study as to whether or not your firearm will be allowed.

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