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Can I Carry at Work in Pennsylvania?

One of the most burning questions that we get all the time at U.S. LawShield has to do with where you work and your Second Amendment rights.

There is an important distinction between private and public sector. Private places (meaning non-governmental agencies), have the right to exclude anyone, just like any private property owner, from being on their premises with a firearm. They can terminate you as an employee. Pennsylvania has “at will” employment.

Public sector is similar, but different. What you have to be very concerned about with public sector is certain locations having to do with where you can carry a firearm (specifically federal building), such as a VA hospital. That’s a huge no-no.

When it comes to signage in private or the public sector, they don’t have force of law under Pennsylvania law. So, it doesn’t cancel your license to carry a firearm and license to carry a firearm is needed if you’re going to concealed carry at work. If you violate the policy at work and it’s a private institution (meaning not public), then the worst-case scenario is they just toss you out and fire you. If it’s in the public sector, it’s not the fact that you’re a government employee that makes it so you can’t enjoy your Second Amendment rights. It’s more specifically the location of where you are.

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