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Can I Carry at Work in Oklahoma?

Under the concealed carry laws in the State of Oklahoma, you don’t have to have a concealed carry permit to carry at work if you are authorized to do so by your employer, and it’s private employment. You can carry a firearm on private property, lease property with the authority of the owner of the premises, or the operator of the premises.

Government employment and private employment differ in these ways. If you are on a government job at a government facility, the Self-Defense Act does not allow you to carry a firearm on the premises, in the buildings that are owned by the government, controlled by the government, or operated by the government, state, city, federal, or any other quasi government recognized in the State of Oklahoma.

Private business is a little bit different, in that if the private sector employer allows you to carry a firearm, you’re good to go and you can on his or her premises, whether or not you have a concealed carry permit. If you are off the employer’s premises, and you’re authorized by the employer to carry a firearm, then you are authorized by state law to carry your firearm wherever and whenever you are not in a prohibited place. Oklahoma doesn’t have signage laws.

However, if you are on premises that are private property, and you see a sign barring guns, if you are asked to leave the premises, you must remove yourself and your firearm, or face a two hundred and fifty dollar fine, which is non-criminal.

Can you be prohibited by company policy from carrying your firearm? The answer is “yes,” it’s a matter of private contract. The owner, or lessee of the premises has the right to prohibit guns on the premises. However, you cannot be barred from storing your firearm in your car at a designated parking space owned by the owner, or employer of the premises, and that is according to state law.

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