Can I Carry at Work in Florida?

Going to work is an important part of everyone’s lives. Most civilian jobs do not normally entail carrying a firearm. A question we hear all the time is, “Can I carry my handgun at work?” The answer is best understood in two parts: Whether it’s a crime, and whether your employer can prohibit carrying, even if it isn’t a crime.

Under Florida criminal law, there are specific places where possession of a firearm is absolutely prohibited (for example, schools, bars, Disney World, and the list goes on). If you have a Florida concealed carry license, taking your handgun to work is simple. If the business has not given you notice or is not a prohibited place, you should be clear of any potential criminal charges. On the other hand, if you don’t have a CWFL, you generally cannot carry a handgun at work, unless the premises are considered under your control. If you are a business owner, you may legally possess a firearm on the premises under your control without a license.

Under Florida law, both private sector and government employers can prohibit a person from having their handgun inside of the building. For example, if a valid employment contract prohibits firearms anywhere on a company’s premises, carrying your handgun inside of an office could be grounds for termination, even if it’s not a crime. But fear not, Florida law allows gun owners to conceal firearms within their privately-owned motor vehicles in an employee parking area. In fact, Florida statute 790.251 forbids an employer from even asking an employee if he or she has a firearm in their vehicle.

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