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Can I Carry at Work in Colorado?

Doug Richards here for U.S. LawShield of Colorado. I want to answer a question today that I get asked a lot, and that is whether or not you can bring your firearm to work (assuming that you have a CCW or a concealed carry license).

Can I carry at work?
The answer is generally “yes.” Your workplace is just like any other private property that you would be allowed to carry your firearm to or on, as long as you have the license. That same law that allows you to carry concealed allows a private property owner to keep you from carrying a firearm on their property, so, therefore, if your employer has a sign up front or something that says that no firearms are allowed or a policy that prohibits firearms, you would not be allowed to bring firearms onto the property, and that would extend to work vehicles or offsite locations. So, I’d be very careful when you are navigating your employee policy, because not only could you be in violation of your employer’s standards and expectation, but you could also potentially be in violation of the law.

What can I do if my employer prohibits firearms?
What do you do to get around it? When I was a federal prosecutor, I had this exact same problem because our office, the United States Attorney Office, was inside of a federal courthouse, and I couldn’t bring my gun there. I couldn’t even park on the property. I parked on the street right next to the courthouse and left my gun in my car. Obviously, it was secured. You’d probably have to do something very similar to that if you face those circumstances where your employer did not allow you to carry your firearm at work, but you still wanted to make sure that you were armed when you were driving to and from work. You would have to find a public place to park and make sure that you kept your firearm locked and secured in your vehicle at all times.

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