Can I Be Sued? – Good Samaritan Laws – Oklahoma

If you ever encounter a situation where you have to stop and render aid to another person do you know what liability you may face? Watch Independent Program Attorney Robert Robles teach you the law so you won’t have to hesitate when it comes to saving a life.

Sherry Hale: We have all been there. You pass an accident on the side of the road; you want to help, but you’re worried what happens if something goes wrong can you be sued? The short answer is yes. Listen to what your Independent Program Attorney says about Good Samaritan laws in your state.

Robert Robles: Hello, my name is Robert Robles attorney for U.S. Shield in the state of Oklahoma, and today I would like to talk to you about the Good Samaritan Act and how it affects the everyday man and health care professionals in the state of Oklahoma.

For instance, let’s just say that you are at the gun range and someone is accidentally shot, or you are in a traffic accident and a person is severely injured perhaps a passenger or someone that you come across an injury or a robbery or someone’s victimized and horribly injured and you have to give them emergency health care. First off the Good Samaritan Act protects all professionals who are health care professionals who are licensed who have no contractual relationship with the person they are treating on an emergency basis. it also protects dentists, licensed surgeons, healthcare professionals of every sort. It also protects the everyday man who is not licensed and who is exercising good faith and has no contractual relationship with the person who’s treated. That means to say that if there is treatment, no treatment bad treatment, indifferent treatment, and the person either suffers dies or becomes worse because of either attention or inattention then the Good Samaritan Act protects those people.

Sherry: The law offers you protection but the reality is you can be sued by anyone, anytime, for anything, even for acting as a good Samaritan. Texas LawShield is here to help so you don’t have to hesitate when doing the right thing. Get certified in First Aid for Gunshot Wounds today and receive our exclusive Good Samaritan coverage for free. Good Samaritan coverage is our way of protecting our good-hearted members. Go to and get certified today!

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