Can I Be Sued? – Good Samaritan Laws – Missouri

If you ever encounter a situation where you have to stop and render aid to another person do you know what liability you may face? Watch Independent Program Attorney John Schleiffarth teach you the law so you won’t have to hesitate when it comes to saving a life.

Sherry Hale: We have all been there. You pass an accident on the side of the road; you want to help, but you’re worried what happens if something goes wrong can you be sued? The short answer is yes. Listen to what your Independent Program Attorney says about Good Samaritan laws in your state.

John Schleiffarth: Hi, I’m John Schleiffarth Independent Program Attorney for US LawShield in Missouri. Today, I’d like to talk about Good Samaritan laws.

Traditionally, Good Samaritan laws protect people from civil liability if they’re providing help in an emergency. Missouri does have a Good Samaritan Law. Missouri’s Good Samaritan Law is limited to protecting certain medical professionals from liability.

What does that mean for most people if you decide to provide help and assistance in an emergency situation? You could be held civilly liable for the help you provide. If you further someone’s injuries while trying to help them you could be sued later by that person.

I’m not advising that you don’t help someone in an emergency, but I am advising that you go into that type of situation with your eyes open if you do decide to render help. You could potentially incur liability, and you have to make that judgment call whether it’s right to render that help yourself or whether to wait for a medical professional.

Sherry: The law offers you protection but the reality is you can be sued by anyone, anytime, for anything, even for acting as a good Samaritan. Texas LawShield is here to help so you don’t have to hesitate when doing the right thing. Get certified in First Aid for Gunshot Wounds today and receive our exclusive Good Samaritan coverage for free. Good Samaritan coverage is our way of protecting our good-hearted members. Go to and get certified today!

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