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Can I Be Sued for Choosing to Help? | Oklahoma

The following is a video transcript.

Hello, this is Robert Robles, Independent Program Attorney for U.S. LawShield. I’m here to talk to you today about what you should do if you should, in your daily life, come across a situation of traumatic injury of some sort. For example: your fellow man is involved in a serious car wreck, you find someone that has been shot, or you find someone that has fallen from a great height and suffered a tremendous physical injury.

You should first call the professionals, but before they get there, perhaps you should render first aid. What you’re asking yourself is, “Will I make matters worse or could I be sued for not doing the right thing?” Not to worry. The Good Samaritan Act in the State of Oklahoma will protect you if you attempt to help someone start breathing again, if you help to try to get their heart started again, if you help their circulation of blood to get started again, or if you prevent the loss of blood.

If you should do this in good faith and there should be a successful outcome, that’s great, but what if it’s not successful? What if you’re not successful in all of your attempts and they turn out to be futile or the person dies from your care and your lack of training?

Do not worry. The Good Samaritan Act will protect you from civil liability and also protect you from suit or damages caused by a suit if: you in good faith render emergency aid; there is a bona fide emergency; if you do not have a contractual relationship with the person, such as requiring you might be a health care provider; or you may have some contract requiring you to act to this particular person.

We’re talking about total strangers, so do not hesitate to help your fellow Oklahoman. If you encounter them and they have severe injuries, the law will protect you under the Good Samaritan Act, which is found at Title 76, Section 5, Subsection 2, in the Oklahoma Statutes.

So get certified with our online First Aid Course for Gunshot Wounds through the U.S. LawShield 2A Institute, and we will teach you the specifics on application of a tourniquet and other critical life-saving techniques. It’s up to you.

So take the initiative, pursue the knowledge, and learn those critical skills that are necessary to keep yourself and those around you alive until help arrives.

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