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California Sheriff Allows 1,700 CCW Applicants to Proceed

As Law Shield recently reported, following the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ order to rehear Peruta, Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens decided to abandon her policy of accepting self-defense as “good cause” for a CCW and to revert back to her pre-Peruta policy.

This requires individual applicants to articulate and document a heightened individualized safety concern to be issued a CCW license, a hurdle that few applicants could likely meet.

The Sheriff’s announcement of this policy change stated that all individuals currently in the application process would be required to resubmit their “good cause” statements under the higher standard, even those who had already been determined to have “good cause” and were nearing the end of the application process.

Also, she erroneously claimed she was legally obligated to enforce a strict “good cause” policy.

Fortunately, after NRA and CRPA (California Rifle and Pistol Association) attorneys sent her a letter saying she was prohibited from requiring applicants who have already had their “good cause” statements approved from re-submitting those statements under the new standard, she relented.

The Sheriff has agreed not to subject those 1,700 applicants to her strict good cause standard. This means that if applicants already had an interview and were told they have “good cause” and should proceed to training, they will be deemed to have satisfied the “good cause” requirement.

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