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Brussels Terror Attacks — Safety Advice for Global Travelers

Memorial Shooting Center (MSC), a Texas Law Shield–affilated range based in Houston, recently sent an item through its company e-letter that we thought was worth passing along to the broader Law Shield membership. The item was by 360 Worldwide Security, and was titled, “Brussels Terror Attacks: Travel Advice for Global Travelers.”

Here’s an excerpt from the 360 Worldwide Security blog post:

In recent months, Paris, Istanbul and Brussels have all encountered shocking attacks that have resulted in the murders of innocent people by Islamic terrorists. Additional attacks carried out in Tunisia, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Mali and the Ivory Coast have seen both tourists and business travelers killed and seriously

While the threat exists on a global level, there is currently a specific risk to Europe, a continent under a high level of alert and one that will remain under a high alert for the immediate future. The atrocities in France and Belgium have again brought to our attention the growing need to remain vigilant both at home and while traveling. Our thoughts go out to those killed, injured, and affected in the attacks in Brussels yesterday. It is frustrating that for some years now we’ve had to look over our shoulders, and we continue to do so no matter where we go, whether for business or pleasure.

Here are four tips mentioned in the blog post:

Raise Your Awareness, Lower Your Profile

Prior to visiting Europe, you should conduct pre-trip research on the current security situation for the country or countries you are visiting. With a host of tourist destinations now listed as being at high risk, Europe is a growing concern for the international traveler. Now in line with the rest of Europe, Germany is the latest nation on the continent to have its risk rating increased. Find out what your destination’s threat level is. Both the U.S. Department of State Travel website and the U.K. Foreign & Commonwealth Office are good resources for destination-specific security information.

See Something… Say Something

It’s important to adopt the attitude of “see something, say something.” It may be an individual who looks suspicious or is wearing clothing that looks bulky for no reason; it could be a package or luggage that has been left unattended. Now more than ever is the time to alert the authorities should you see something out of the ordinary, it could save lives including your own.

Maintain Awareness During International Business Travel

Vigilance is the start and raising your awareness without walking around paranoid is a balance the traveler must find.

Take Concrete Steps to Increase Your Travel Security & Safety

A few ideas include: Speaking to friends or colleagues who may have recently visited the same country you are planning to visit; leaving a photocopy of your passport, itinerary, and important phone numbers with a family member, friend, or coworkers so that they can quickly access the information and get it to you in the event that your passport or other valuables are stolen or lost; and become familiar with local laws and customs.

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