Breaking News: Pro-2A Bill Signed Into Law in Texas

In response to landlords and building owners denying individuals the right to protect themselves and their families through leases, notice under 30.05, 30.06, and 30.07, or other contractual provisions; on Thursday, May 16th, 2019, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law HB 302, a bill introduced by Representative Dennis Paul (R-Houston). The new law prohibits landlords and building owners from prohibiting the storage or possession of firearms or ammunition under certain circumstances.

The measure protects:

  • Owners of a condo or apartment;
  • Tenants of a condo or apartment; and
  • Guests of an owner or tenant of a condo or apartment.

The new protected areas, for a protected person (listed above) are:

  • Owner’s condo, apartment, or unit;
  • Tenant’s rental unit;
  • Owner or tenant’s vehicle; and
  • Directly en route to or from the locations described above.

This law does not prohibit a landlord or building owner from prohibiting the possession or carrying of firearms or ammunition in common areas not used to travel directly en route to a protected location (as described above).

The new law goes into effect on September 1, 2019 and does not affect existing leases or renewals that are entered into before the effective date, but it does remove potential criminal liability for those with pre-existing leases or renewals.

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