Bravo, Richard Snyder

As our members know, U.S. Law Shield is suing the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania over its gun ordinances, which we argue are illegal under state pre-emption laws. This year, a new state law gave us and other gun rights groups the legal standing necessary to sue in order to protect our members’ civil rights.

As a result, we’ve heard a lot of ill-informed statements from various politicians about the lawsuits, but we wanted to applaud one Mechanicsburg resident — a man named Richard Snyder — who is way ahead of the pols in understanding what’s at stake.

In a story from The Sentinel newspaper, “Midstate municipalities rethink firearm prohibitions in parks,” reporter Daniel Walmer says Snyder asked the borough of Mechanicsburg to review its park ordinances, saying the borough’s prohibition on firearms in borough-owned parks could lead to a costly lawsuit.

According to the paper, “Snyder is concerned not only about the possibility of a lawsuit, but also about what he says is clearly a violation of the Pennsylvania and federal constitution to any ‘relatively intelligent human being who can read and comprehend English.’”

Further, he’s quoted as saying, “Just as a matter of course, if it’s against the law, don’t do it. It doesn’t matter if it’s speeding … or posting regulations that you have no business posting. How about we obey the law — not just citizens, but governments obey the law.”

Bravo, Mr. Snyder. We wish Harrisburg’s municipal representatives saw things as clearly as you do.

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