Best States for Concealed Carry 2014

For the second year, Guns & Ammo magazine has put together an assessment of states that the publication’s staffers deem are the Best States for Concealed Carry. Law Shield members might like to compare their state to the winners.

According to the magazine, “Things are good and looking even better for Americans who exercise their right to self-preservation by means of carrying a concealed firearm.”

The rankings of each state have been updated since last year to include new legislative data to evaluate the places with the best and worst carry laws.

To determine the best concealed carry states in 2014, G&A examined the several criteria and assigned numerical values to each category for a maximum of 95 points.

“Method of Issuance” could earn a state as much as many as 25 points if it has “Permitless/Unrestricted” laws that do no require a license or permit.

“Reciprocity” was considered next, with a maximum of 10 points awarded for number of states honored in the issuing state and a maximum of 10 points awarded for the number of states where the issuing state’s permit is honored.

“Training time,” “application fees,” and “Stand Your Ground/Castle Doctrine” were other factors considered.

The best state in the rankings was Arizona with a total of 93 points, followed by Utah (85), Alaska and Wyoming (83), and Florida (82).

The bottom five jurisdictions were #51 Washington, D.C. with 2 points, preceded by #50 California (24); #49 Hawaii and #48 New Jersey (26); and #47 Maryland (30).

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