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Be Careful Around These Guests During the Holidays | Oklahoma

The following is a video transcript.

I’m here to talk to you today about the upcoming holiday season, the end of the year festivities, and what to do when you have guests or family coming to visit you at your house for a party or festivity.

If your visiting guests or family members are convicted felons and you are aware of it, you must secure your weapons because it is against the law to provide a convicted felon a firearm, or allow them access to your firearms, or leave your firearms, such as leaving a gun on the coffee table, leaving a shotgun and rifle in the corner of the room, or perhaps in a closet. You need to put them away where they are not easily accessible for a convicted felon.

Worse for the convicted felon, if they come into possession or control of your firearms (such as they drive off not knowing that your gun is in the car), they could be in serious trouble and face up to 10 years in prison and another felony for being in possession or in control of your firearm in your car.

But, what is the problem for you? If you happen to have a party going on and there are no convicted felons at your party, but someone that comes under the influence of drugs or alcohol or someone becomes (or are in advance) emotionally unstable or mentally unstable, and you should have guns lying around, you could be charged and be found guilty of a misdemeanor for providing them firearms. What happens if they do in fact get these guns and something—an event—occurs, resulting in gunplay? You could face charges.

So, let’s avoid all that. Put your guns up whenever you are having a party, make sure that they are secured, under lock and key, and only you have the key.

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