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One of the issues that comes up, particularly getting closer to the holidays, is this: How do you deal with your firearms in your home when friends and relatives come visiting?

Gun Storage and Minors

Well, one thing you need to know for sure is that New Jersey does make it an offense to ever leave a loaded firearm accessible to a minor. You never want to do that, because that is going to be a criminal charge should you do that. But even going beyond the criminal charges, you want to make sure that your guns are safely stored. You need to have them stored in a gun safe or locked in a gun safe. There are other devices out there so that you can have quick access to a firearm and still have it in a secure lockbox.

Prohibited Persons

There are problems if individuals that are family members are also prohibited persons. You can never let a prohibited person access your firearm. Not only are the prohibited person looking at prosecution with incredibly severe punishment, but so would you for making that transfer.

Other Tips

You might like to bring your firearm to your buddy’s house or to a relative’s house, but unless you have a license to carry a handgun, you cannot bring even your unloaded handgun over to your buddy’s house to show him. There is no exemption.

With long arms, such as a rifle or shotgun, it is a little different (putting aside anything that might be called an assault firearm). If you have a firearms ID card, which most likely you’ll have if you acquired a rifle or shotgun from a dealer in New Jersey, your long arm merely has to be unloaded.

There is a difference in what you can transport when it comes to handguns and long arms, but in any circumstance, always make sure you have your ID card on your person. Protect yourself, have the license, and have the knowledge.

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