BATFE Paper Outlines How Firearms Regulations Could be Reduced


In an 11-page white paper labeled “not for public distribution,” but which has been obtained by Texas & U.S. Law Shield, Ronald B. Turk, associate deputy director and chief operating officer of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, outlines several steps the agency could take to remove many restrictions on gun regulations in the United States.

Among the suggestions in the paper, suppressors could be de-regulated and no longer be considered National Firearms Act–regulated items, meaning they would be transacted like firearms and not require $200 tax stamps.

Other details in the paper, entitled ” Options to Reduce or Modify Firearms Regulations,” include several points for discussion Texas & U.S. Law Shield members should know about:

  1. New Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL) Dealing Exclusively at Gun Shows (or internet)
  2. Armor Piercing Ammunition
  3. Re-importation of Certain Department of Defense Surplus Firearms from Foreign Countries
  4. Title 18, United States Code (U.S.C.), Section 922(o), regarding transfers of machine guns.
  5. Firearm Arm or Stabilizing Brace
  6. Reissue a New Sporting Purpose Study
  7. Creation of a Database of Agency Rulings
  8. Silencers
  9. Firearms Industry Proposals to Allow for Interstate Sale of Firearms at Gun Shows
  10. Destructive Devices
  11. Old Regulations Under Review for Possible Removal or Amendment

A description of the paper reads, ” ATF is the only Federal law enforcement agency with a primary mission that directly involves an Amendment to the United States Constitution. Thus, our actions and policies are appropriately subjected to intense review and scrutiny. This paper serves to provide the new Administration and the Bureau multiple options to consider and discuss regarding firearms regulations specific to ATF.”

Edwin Walker, attorney at the law firm of Walker & Byington and an Independent Program Attorney for Texas Law Shield, is enthusiastic about the document.

“It’s no surprise that they’ve had to bide their time for a political climate that would approve of these measures. Making it easier for the average citizen to become an FFL, clarifying the stabilizing brace issue once and for all, and reexamining the machine-gun transfer procedure are all excellent ideas,” he said.

Walker added that he was most excited about having a database of agency rulings.

“One huge problem that plagues law-abiding gun owners is how difficult it is to find ATF rulings,” Walker said. “This database would not only make those accessible, but it would also bring the ATF’s attention to inconsistencies in their rulings. There’s really no excuse for not having this database right now.”

Click here to read or download the 11-page white paper.

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