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Backyard Gun Range May Be Legal, But Risky

Law Shield would point out to Joseph Carannate, of the Lakewood Estates neighborhood in St. Petersburg, Florida, that even though police have said he can set up a firing range in his backyard, maybe it’s not the best idea.

Carannate told News Channel 8 WFLA that according to St. Petersburg police, legally he’s allowed to do it.

As we point out in our seminars, self defense is your right, but you’re responsible for what happens down range when you shoot. We would point out the potential legal liability if something goes wrong and he misses his backstop. This is a residential area — not the middle of nowhere — and a single errant shot could hurt somebody and put Mr. Carannate in legal jeopardy. Why risk it?

What do you think of Mr. Carannate’s actions? Let us hear from you.

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