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Back to School: Firearms Laws You Need to Know in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Independent Program Attorney Robert Robles explains the laws in Oklahoma regarding guns and schools that you need to know as your kids get ready for back-to-school time:




Hi, this is Robert Robles, attorney from Oklahoma, to speak to you about the topic of guns in schools.

Campus Carry

First off, it is not legal to carry your firearm on a college campus. There may be exceptions, such as designated gun ranges, or a campus may have a training facility authorizing the concealed carry or the open carry of firearms, but that is an exception. And also the university administrator or president may buy a special authorization to allow the concealed carry of firearms by licensed SDA carriers on a specific university, but these are all exceptions to the rule.


You can carry a firearm in your vehicle when you’re picking up your children, or dropping them off at school, and also, of course, you may leave a handgun in your car in a designated parking lot at the school. The firearm has to be out of sight, and the car has to be locked.


Now then, can you carry at a school-sponsored event? The law definitely does not prohibit carrying a firearm at a school-sponsored event as long as the event is not on the campus or the school grounds of either the elementary school, high school, or private school, or university.

School Bus

The Self Defense Act does not allow you to carry a firearm onto a school bus, so be aware of that.


There are rules for teachers to carry firearms under the Self Defense Act. Mainly, the rules prohibit that actual carry if an independent school district allows teachers to carry under the Self Defense Act, there are rules and regulations, and advanced training for teachers and school employees to carry at schools which are allowed to have that program.

Thank you very much.

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