Atlanta’s Growing Gun Theft Problem


National reports indicate Atlanta is the country’s leading city when it comes to guns stolen out of cars.

According to Atlanta Police Sgt. Warren Pickard in an interview with WABE Radio, over the past two weeks, more than 120 cars were broken into during two sprees in Midtown. At least 15 guns were taken often while leaving other valuables behind.

So far this year, more than 600 guns have been stolen from cars in Atlanta. Last year 857 guns were stolen, more than double the number from the second-place city, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Atlanta PD has released public service announcements encouraging people to not leave their gun in their unattended car unless it is secured in a safe, which is the policy within the police department.

What is troubling is, that most people do not know their firearm’s serial number, so returning a recovered gun is more difficult, if not impossible.

According to the report, the number of guns from Georgia that end up used in crimes or confiscated by police elsewhere is the highest in the nation.

Do you secure your gun when you leave it in your unattended vehicle? Or do you put it under the seat and hope for the best?

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