ATI Large-Frame Taurus Grips Now Shipping

Law Shield doesn’t endorse products, but we do like to make our members aware of new offerings, such as Scorpion X2 Revolver Grips for large-frame Taurus revolvers.

ATI’s new Scorpion X2 Revolver Grip, $50, employs the company’s Scorpion recoil-reduction material, helpful if you’re shooting large-frame hard-recoiling Taurus revolvers.

The Taurus revolvers compatible with the new grip include the Taurus Model 17 Tracker 17, Model 992 Tracker 22, Model 627 Tracker 357, Model 45-410 Judge, and the Model 44C Tracker 44.

These grips are said to elevate the index finger for ideal trigger placement, and a 1911-inspired rear tang assists in pushing the firearm’s recoil rearward, rather than upwards with the muzzle, improving control.

The Scorpion X2 Revolver Grips will be backed by Advanced Technology International’s limited lifetime warranty.

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