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Armed thieves try robbing store in Aldine

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Over the Christmas holiday, many Texans enjoyed times of fellowship with family and friends, but an unlucky few were put in the difficult position of having to use their firearms to defend both themselves and others.  Click2Houston published a story about a store owner and his wife who were forced to use their firearm to defend their store from would-be robbers.

The stores surveillance video shows two hooded men with guns storming into the store at about noon.  The couple was helping customers from behind the counter, surrounded with bullet-proof glass, when one of the gunmen reached in through a small opening, grabbed the store owner with one hand and shoved a gun at him with the other.  The gunman fired a couple of shots thankfully missing the couple.  The terrifying attempted robbery came to an end when the store owner’s wife pulled a gun on the robbers causing them to flee.

Firearms program attorney Edwin Walker says that, “This is a clear example of an act of deadly force in self-defense as well as a third party, an act that Texas law legally presumes is reasonable and justified.”

It certainly appears that the right to bear arms coupled with some courage and quick thinking saved this innocent couple and the other store patrons.

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