Arizona Aims to Counter Anti-Gun Federal Laws

The Arizona Senate is considering two very strong gun bills, SB 1330 and SB 1291, which respectively would subject any new federal gun law to state-level review before being enforced, and allow individuals and groups to sue and recover damages from municipalities that have passed gun ordinances in violation of the state’s pre-emption law.

In some ways, SB 1291 reminds us of the new Pennsylvania law that has allowed U.S. Law Shield to sue the City of Harrisburg.

SB 1291 will improve the state firearms preemption law to ensure consistency throughout the Grand Canyon State. This is done by providing a mechanism to declare unlawful regulations null and void in addition to providing penalties for knowing and willful violations by localities. Individuals and entities “adversely affected” by local gun laws would gain the right to sue local governments for monetary damages (capped at $100,000). SB 1291, introduced by Senator Steve Smith (R-11), is a much-needed protection and will ensure compliance with existing state law.

SB 1330 would penalize any state or municipal officeholder or employee who knowingly assists in the enforcement of laws not recognized as Constitutional by the state government. It’s sponsored by Arizona State Sen. Kelli Ward, has been passed by the Arizona Senate, and now moves on to the Arizona House.

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