Are California’s Gun Confiscation Laws Coming to Oklahoma?

Presently, there are no California-style confiscation laws coming to Oklahoma. Some proposals from California deal with confiscating magazines in excess of 10 rounds. Other types of schemes of confiscation in California have to do with medical marijuana users who are recreational marijuana users—they could lose their rights to have firearms, and they could have their firearms confiscated.

Do these schemes impact the Second Amendment and our due process rights? Yes, they certainly do. And there are lawsuits pending trying to block the various schemes of confiscation that the California Legislature has passed.

The Oklahoma Legislature does not seem to have much support for confiscation laws. Governor Fallin signed into law several years ago anti-confiscation laws in the State of Oklahoma—Katrina-style laws, where the police could come knocking on people’s doors, asking them if they have firearms during a natural emergency,  tornado, or giant storm that would make people desperate and make them want to use their firearms.

The police cannot come to your door and confiscate your weapons. We want to give a shout-out to OK2A for their unceasing support of anti-confiscation laws.

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