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Are California’s Gun Confiscation Laws Coming to Missouri?

Going into this next year, there are no new laws that will affect your right to carry in Missouri. There is a bill in the House of Representatives that has gained some traction. It proposes a law that would allow citizens to have a locked firearm in their trunk, and they would have a right to have that firearm wherever they are. That is not a bill that has yet been signed into law.

There are two positive court decisions federally that have come out of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals—one dealing with California, another dealing with Hawaii.

When a California state law asked for the confiscation of large capacity magazines, the Ninth Circuit upheld an injunction of a lower court saying “No, you can’t do this.”

Dealing with Hawaii, the Ninth Circuit has upheld an individual’s right to carry a firearm and to do so openly outside of the home. Those are both decisions that reflect a deeper respect for gun rights within the Ninth Circuit.

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