AR-15 Chess Set

We stumbled across a unique gift for the AR-15 aficionado: A chess set made using spent .223 cases.

Made by Olde World Collectibles and Creations, one side of the set uses steel casings and the other side uses brass casings. The kings and queens are the only four pieces with an actual bullet re-set in place. Of course, there are no live shells.

The brass side has black-walnut wooden bases, and the steel side has red-oak wooden bases. Each piece has been finely detailed with cutting, curling, and wood-burning techniques. Each piece is also clear coated.

The board is made from a solid piece of red oak and is decorated with two brass carrying handles. The height of the pieces range from 1¼ to 2½ inches. The board measures about 12 inches square and is 2 inches thick.

Or if you wish to have a custom bullet chess set made from shell casings from one of your own guns or of a certain caliber, contact the maker at

Any members own one of these? If so, tell us about it. 

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