And He’s Not Funny Either…

Law Shield realizes it does no good to point out factual inaccuracies by comedians who ignorantly comment about guns. But here we go anyway:

On “The Late Show” on CBS, David Letterman recently asked CNN’s Anderson Cooper why the federal government can’t pass more gun control.

“I think, I don’t have the statistics but that’s never stopped me,” Letterman said. “I think daily in this country a child or an underage boy or girl is shot and killed by a gun.…”

The latest FBI figures put the total numbers of child deaths due to guns far below what Letterman asserted. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports, the numbers each year are consistent: 120 in 2006; 115 in 2007; 116 in 2008, 114 in 2009 and 96 in 2010.

Yes, asking a comedian to be accurate when he’s talking about gun deaths among children is folly. But if you’re going to mouth off about something as sensitive as that, you should at least be in the ballpark — which missing by a factor of 3 or more is not.

Top 3 List anyone?

Watch the video here.

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