An Open Letter to E.J. Dionne Jr.

The program attorneys at U.S. Law Shield were disappointed to read Washington Post editorial writer E.J. Dionne Jr.’s February 19 article, “Repeal stand-your-ground laws.”

He obviously doesn’t understand how the self-defense and stand-your-ground statutes in Florida and other states work, or he chooses not to understand to make a political point.

We won’t try to rebut his off-base reasoning, which isn’t germane to the legal understanding of such laws.

However, as one of the country’s largest self-defense legal programs, our attorneys do understand and can and will utilize all applicable state self-defense laws to defend our tens of thousands of members in Florida and other jurisdictions. To call these statutes “failures” as Dionne did is ignorant and unprofessional.

We produced an application that explains the basics of SYG statutes, including Florida. It’s available as a free download at

Perhaps Mr. Dionne should consult it before he writes on this topic again. Or he can call us.

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