All About AR-15s

Law Shield recommends this NSSF Video to our members who own Modern Sporting Rifles. In it, Gunsite Academy instructor and gunsmith Cory Trapp demonstrates the proper way to field-strip, clean and lubricate an AR-15 carbine. Trapp also offers several important technical tips and hints for maintaining your modern sporting rifle, including lube points. Length — 29:37.


0:25 Take Care with Field-Stripped Rifle
1:00 Protect Pins
1:20 Protect the Bolt Carrier Key
1:40 Safety Tip: Fire-Control System
2:40 No Lube in Trigger Group
3:00 Magazine Discussion
3:30 Aluminum Magazines
4:15 Discussion of .223 Rem & 5.56mm Chambers
5:00 What Barrel Markings Mean
5:35 Barrel Extension
6:15 M16 and M4 Feed-Ramp Styles
7:15 Bolt Assembly Cleaning & Maintenance
8:40 Gas Key Description & Details
9:30 Lubricating Gas Key Areas
10:20 Bolt Components
11:00 Gas-Ring Maintenance
12:00 Extractor Spring Maintenance
14:00 Extra Parts to Keep on Hand
15:00 Gas Ring Alignment
16:15 Reassembly Tips
18:15 Bolt Re-Insertion
19:00 Charging Handle Re-Insertion
20:00 Don’t Lubricate Gas Vent Holes
21:00 Inspection List & Function Check
22:00 Semi-Auto Disconnector Test
22:30 Testing Select-Fire Operation (if needed)
23:30 Never Insert Items in Gas Tube
24:15 Exterior Inspection
24:45 Q&A — 3 Types of Lubrication
26:00 Lubrication Will Bake Off
26:50 Lube More Important than Clean on AR-15s
27:20 Cleaning the Bore & Chamber Area

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