Adams Arms Announces New AR Pistols

As our Law Shield members likely already know, AR pistols are becoming increasingly popular since the ATF ruled that SIG Sauer’s arm brace does not make an AR-design pistol into a rifle with an NFA short barrel.

In that vein, Law Shield is letting our members know about two new Adams Arms AR Pistols currently being offered in 7.5-inch and 11.5-inch-barrel configurations with MSRPs of $1099, which includes a Samson Evolution rail.

Other components include a JP Enterprises match-grade-trigger fire-control group, anti-walk pins, and an ambidextrous safety. Also included are a set of Samson fixed front and rear sights that can be used as a primary sighting system or provide a rugged backup to the optic of your choice.

Law Shield does not endorse products, but for your information, the AR Pistols are currently available on the company’s site and through distribution partners and exclusive dealers.

Click here to see full specs for the 11.5-inch Tactical Evo Upgraded Pistol

Click here to see full specs for the 7.5-inch Tactical Evo Upgraded Pistol

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