A Small Win in California for Gun Stores

City-of-Scotts-ValleyLaw Shield is glad to see that one proposed anti-gun ordinance in California won’t see the light of day.

The Scotts Valley City Council rejected a proposed ordinance that would further regulate gun stores.

Proposed by Scotts Valley Police Chief John Weiss, the ordinance would have added requirements for more security measures on top of state and federal mandates, a requirement for an additional local firearms license with a $150 fee, and prevention of license transfer.

Owners of gun stores appeared before the council to complain about the proposal which they had not even been consulted with beforehand by the Chief.  They explained, for example, that if adopted, the ordinance would have prevented a gun store owner from expanding his business by relocating into a larger store because he would not be able to transfer his license to the new location.

The Scotts Valley City Council turned down the proposed ordinance, and recommended the Police Chief work with firearms retailers to address security concerns.

It’s a small victory for common-sense gun laws.

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