A Hunter’s Worst Nightmare

The fog settles as you make your way through the woods. You spot your target off in the distance. As you move closer, you step on a branch and the loud crunch echoes throughout the trees. Your prey, startled, becomes suspicious and begins to move. You quickly regain your position and shoot.huntershield

The moment was fast, and the fog distracted your line-of-sight. What you thought was a lawful kill turned out to be an animal not in season. Your misidentification of game may cause you some trouble. Because your target was not in season, you must now face the State Game Warden to determine your fate.

True, it is usually the novice hunters and anglers who make mistakes in violating ever-changing State Wildlife and Fisheries laws. However, experienced hunters and anglers may also fall victim to circumstance. It is important to be patient in identifying game and stay on the right side of the law, and when honest mistakes happen, you need a guide to the legal system. With HunterShield, from U.S. & Texas LawShield®, you will be provided with up-to-date legal information on season dates and other important laws. More importantly, you’ll gain access to educational materials and events that will better prepare you for the hunt.


Protection Beyond Your Home

You need more than a valid license to remain legal while out hunting or fishing. Each year, countless violations are recorded by State Game Wardens, and many licenses are suspended, denied, or revoked.

Hunting and fishing laws are complicated, and even the most ethical hunters and anglers are prone to making mistakes. These mistakes may happen unintentionally, but you may still face criminal and civil charges.

We believe that coverage should protect you at home and on the hunt, which is why we created HunterShield. This add-on coverage was founded by attorneys who know and understand the complex, ever-changing State Parks and Wildlife laws. Here is what you can expect when you add HunterShield to your core coverage.

— Anytime Access to Independent Program Attorneys Experienced in Hunting and Fishing Laws

— Criminal and Civil Legal Defense for All State Fish & Wildlife Violations

— Coverage for Any Self-Defense Incidents: Criminal or Civil

— Non-Emergency Access to Attorneys Experienced in Your Local Wildlife Law

— Educational Materials and Events Designed to Keep Hunters and Anglers Legal

— Peace of Mind Knowing We’ll Have Your Back

— And Much More!


Let Us Guide You on Your Next Hunt

Our members have come to trust the nation’s first choice for legal weapons defense for their hunting and fishing protection. That’s because HunterShield provides legal defense that keeps our hunter and angler members protected while on the hunt.

Getting caught up in the legal system could cost you. Not only will you pay thousands in legal fees, but you could also lose your right to hunt and fish—so why take the risk? Contact our Member Services at (877) 448-6839 to learn more about how HunterShield can protect you on the hunt. Or visit our website for more information.

Get Behind HunterShield

Our goal is to provide our members with the best in coverage. Whether you want to protect your family and your home, or you want to protect yourself on the hunt, our legal defense for self-defense ensures your protection.

Make sure you’re protected on your next hunt with our HunterShield add-on coverage. And remember to stay connected, stay informed, and stay protected.




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