A Deal Gone Bad




Sherry Hale, Member Ambassador:

We all have considered our safety at home and on the go, but have you considered your safety at your workplace?

What happens when your next customer is potentially your last? While at work, our member Trey was confronted by a terrifying situation as an attacker pulled a gun.

What Trey did next literally saved his life. Here’s his story.

I will never forget that day. The day when my instincts kicked in and actually saved my life.

A guy came up to me wanting to see some cars. I was on a hot streak that summer and it wasn’t about to end. We walked around all over the lot. He never made his mind up. Well, not until we got to the back.

When I turned around, he had a gun pointed right at my face.

He demanded I give over my wallet, keys, and phone, but before he could finish, I drew my pistol and shot him. I called 911, then I called U.S. Law Shield.

Trey was questioned by the police with his attorney present. He was free to go, after the questioning had ended.

After a lengthy legal process, Trey was cleared of all criminal charges.

Always remember, criminals never take a vacation. Be armed. Stay educated. And get protected with U.S. Law Shield.

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