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9mm R.I.P. Round in Ballistic Gelatin

As we often say in Law Shield seminars, your choice of legal ammo probably won’t matter in a deadly-force event that you have to defend in court. What’s important legally are the circumstances that lead to you believing you had to employ deadly force to protect yourself, others, or property.

So for self-defense, we recommend that our members use the ammunition that performs best for you in your firearms. We don’t endorse any ammunition brand or firearms. But we are curious about how different bullets fare in testing media.

Brassfetcher.com recently fired the G2 Research 9mm Luger Radically Invasive Projectile (R.I.P.) round into 10% ballistic gelatin at 10 feet. Impact velocity was 1192 fps. The handgun was a SIG P226.

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