7 Run… Hide… Fight! Active Shooter Medic

Kirk Evans, President of Texas and U.S. Law Shield:
In any situation where rounds are going off, active shooter or otherwise, there’s always a chance that someone can be hit by one those rounds. Here with some fantastic information on what to do if someone gets shot is former Navy Corpsman Dwayne McBryde.

Dwayne McBrydeFormer Navy Corpsman and current Law Shield National Operations and TacMed Coordinator:

We’ve talked about active shooter scenarios. And I’m going to show you some stuff tonight that’s just as important to me to have on you as that gun you carry.

One of those things is nothing as simple as a CAT tourniquet.

CAT tourniquets are great for extremities, arms, legs. Put these on quick. You put them on yourself in under 15 seconds and you’re good to go.

It’s a good piece of gear to put in a pocket, put in a purse for the ladies. This is a handy piece of gear in an active shooter situation if you need it because this could keep you alive till EMS can get to you.

Now, for bleeds that we have that aren’t on extremities, we can’t use a tourniquet, right? Because if you’ve got a bleed on your head, you wouldn’t want me to put this around your neck and tighten this down, wouldn’t you? Not unless it’s my mother-in-law? Okay. So, what do we do in those circumstances?

Inside this little compressed package right here, there is four yards of 3-inch-wide gauze. That gauze is impregnated with a material called kaolin. It stops the bleed pronto.

They put it in a gauze form that forced us to put it on our fingers, go to the bleed source, and pack the wound. So, now we had added value.

This works great. I’ve actually stopped a carotid bleed with one of these. It works. It works. This is good stuff. This is for those bleeds in areas that you can’t use a tourniquet, whether it be a belly bleed, pelvic bleed, neck bleed, armpit bleed. This is a good product. And you can deploy it very quickly and it works if it’s put on right. All you need is a little bit of minimum training to do it. Combat gauze. Combat gauze. So, that was our hemostatic agent. So, now we have really good — two really good sources to stop major hemorrhage.

So, we have a hemostatic agent. We got — we got good tourniquets now. So, what else did we need to help with bleeds?

These [shows bandages] are quickly deployed. They cinch down. They’re like an Ace wrap. They stay where you put them. They stay tight, and they put really good pressure to a wound.

The emergency bandage by North American Rescue even went a step further and actually puts velcro strips every eight inches on it. Because if you’re all thumbs like me — and I know everybody here’s wrapped an Ace wrap on your ankle or something once in a your life. And you do two wraps and you drop the roll and it rolls across the floor, well, those velcro strips every eight inches, when you make that first — when you make that first pass around, it grabs that dressing. So, even if you drop the roll, you don’t lose the tension on the bandage on the wound site. You can finish wrapping it up, and it’s good. So, that’s why I like this. Because I can be clumsy and get away with it.

So, we have better dressings, better hemostatic agents, and better tourniquets.

Kirk Evans, President of Texas and U.S. Law Shield:

From Columbine to Sandy Hook, from Virginia Tech to the Navy Shipyards, and from Orlando to San Bernardino, the phrase ‘Active Shooter’ has become all too common. On behalf of Texas and U.S. Law Shield, I hope that we have provided you some insight that can help you through one of these tragic situations. For more information on our Active Shooter series or how to join the more than 200,000 law-abiding gunowners we protect, visit TexasLawShield.com or USLawShield.com. Thank you.

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