5 Run… Hide… Fight! When It’s Time to Fight

Kirk Evans, president of Texas and U.S. Law Shield:
In this video Trent Lozano offers some pointers if you couldn’t run, couldn’t hide, and now it’s time to fight.

Trent Lozano, law enforcement veteran:

Obviously, evacuation is preferred. But if you can’t evacuate, then you want to hide and barricade. If hide and barricade didn’t work and the shooter actually makes it back around to you, you’re down to your last option now. And that is fight. Fight.

If the shooter makes it into the room, you want to find as many objects as you can that you can hurl that direction, so, I mean, anything that’s got some weight to it, books, coffee mugs, staplers, the guy next to you, whatever you got. You want to do whatever you can and get things going that direction. Maybe you can injure him. Maybe you can distract him. But the thing is you do not want them to have the opportunity to lift that gun and start aiming at people.

Now, someone, somebody has got to make the hard choice. The hard choice is somebody’s got to get that gun. You don’t necessarily have to take it from them, but you at least got to get it to stop working, right? Somebody’s got to go for the gun and control where the end of it is pointing. Now, if you have training in this area, then by all means use it.

If you have superior training, hand-to-hand combat training, things like that, go for it. But if you don’t have anything like that and you don’t have any other choices, grab onto that gun and just as tight as you can hold onto it and just hang on it. Hang there as much as you can. If they’re going to be able to fire, they’ve got to lift that gun up with your entire body weight on it to do it. Now, is that going to stop it? Hopefully.

But we don’t want to bet on hopefully, do we? So, whoever goes for the gun, what they’re doing is they’re trying to limit the amount of damage that the shooter can do. Everybody else needs to swarm. We’ve got to all move in and act together. We’ve got to take this person down if they are an active threat in that room.

Now, the problem that you’re going to run into is, again, you can probably count on maybe 20 percent are actually going to be able to do it. And the other thing is we’re going to be scared, right? Now there’s a couple things we need to remember.

What is the dangerous part of the firearm? The pointy end, right? The barrel. When you grab onto that gun, make sure the barrel’s behind you. Grab on up close. What you don’t want to do is grab it and say got it. It’s
not going to last very long. Grab on, wrap up and hang as best you can. Everybody else swarm.

Now, is it the absolute best case option that we have? Maybe. It might be the only option we have. A good plan now is a whole lot better than a perfect plan an hour from now.

Kirk Evans, president of Texas and U.S. Law Shield:

From Columbine to Sandy Hook, from Virginia Tech to the Navy Shipyards, and from Orlando to San Bernardino, the phrase ‘Active Shooter’ has become all too common. On behalf of Texas and U.S. Law Shield, I hope that we have provided you some insight that can help you through one of these tragic situations. For more information on our Active Shooter series or how to join the more than 200,000 law-abiding gunowners we protect, visit TexasLawShield.com or USLawShield.com. Thank you.

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