5 Must-Know Tips When Calling 911

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Members, your Independent Program Attorneys’ years of cumulative experience defending thousands of members has led to some critical tips for any 911 call regarding self-defense. Here are 5 must-know tips from your Independent Program Attorney before you call 911.

First, if you use or display your gun, call 911. DO NOT DISCUSS WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE OPERATOR.

Second, only give the operator information that is needed for them to send help:

  • Your name and that you are the victim of a crime;
  • The location of your emergency;
  • What services are needed (police, EMS, or fire);
  • A general description of what you are wearing to avoid any confusion by police when they arrive (i.e., you are a six-foot-tall male wearing a green jacket and brown pants);
  • Essential logistical information you may need to convey (i.e., you have the intruder held at gunpoint in your living room—please don’t accidentally shoot me, the homeowner), but as little as you can.

Third, every 911 call is recorded and can be used as evidence against you. Do not use words like “killed” when speaking about the incident to the 911 operator.

Fourth, 911 operators are trained to keep you on the phone talking about the situation; however, you are not required to stay on the line. Once you complete your phone call, hang up, and ignore the 911 operator’s attempts to call you back.

Fifth, DO NOT waive your rights—you may need them.

Once you have followed these five tips, hang up with the 911 operator and call the U.S. LawShield Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline right away. Try to make this call in an area where you can be alone and speak privately. The Independent Program Attorneys will help you with what to say and do before the police arrive.

If you cannot get to an area where you are alone, simply tell the hotline attorney your name, member number, location, and what type of emergency you’ve experienced (i.e., shooting, drawn firearm, etc.). If you have time, give the name and phone number of an emergency contact to the attorney in case you are arrested.

Members, during your time of need, an Independent Program Attorney is ready to assist you and is just a phone call away. Call the emergency hotline number located on the back of your member card.

U.S. LawShield is there for you before, during, and after a self-defense incident. Become a member and get the peace of mind you want and the protection you need.

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