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3 Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Guns Now

Thieves don’t only steal guns from cars, in fact they will take guns from wherever they can find them, even from your home…

Stolen Firearms from Public and Private Collections…

A Watonga, Oklahoma man had spent years assembling his collection of new and old hunting rifles and other firearms. When word got out about his personal cache, it piqued the interest of local thieves, and over the course of a few months in 2019, his house was burglarized four times. In all 30 of his rifles and shotguns were stolen.

Police were able to recover 16 rifles, but 14 with a value of over $30,000 remain missing and may never be found.

In another state, a Murfreesboro, Tennessee gun collector had a gun collection — that had taken him 35 years to amass — stolen by a group of thieves. In fact, five of them carried out his locked gun safe containing 15 rifles and 6 handguns. 

Also in Tennessee a few months later, a Memphis police officer had his gun collection stolen from his home when he failed to lock his gun safes. In all, 17 handguns, shotguns, and rifles were taken. 

How did the same crime happen to these different gun collectors? 

In the Oklahoma case, the guns were not stored securely. The Memphis gun owner stored his guns in safes but neglected to lock the safes properly, choosing to leave the dials set to turn to a single number to open for convenience sake. The Murfreesboro collector had his guns in a safe but the safe itself was taken.

The homeowners and collectors alike are fearful that their rifles and handguns could end up in hands of criminals—who could use them to commit other crimes. What is a gun collector to do to protect their firearms from theft?

Secure Your Guns and Your Home

There are no shortcuts when it comes to security.

Gun safes are universally recognized as perhaps the best way to protect your firearms from unauthorized persons gaining access, but only if you lock them properly. For large collections however, some have opted to build a secure room with special locks or access devices, and alarms.

Regardless of the type of security system you utilize, it is important that you also record the serial number, make, and model of all your firearms and keep this information, along with any purchase receipts, stored away from the firearms.

This information will become invaluable should your weapons be stolen.

Gunowner Identity Theft Coverage

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