3 Gun Law Myths…BUSTED! | Missouri

The following is a video transcript.

Today, I’d like to talk to you about three common misconceptions when it comes to Missouri gun law.

Myth Number One: Having a concealed carry permit no longer matters.

That’s not true. In Missouri, if you have a concealed carry permit, you do have more expansive gun rights than someone who just carries concealed under the permit-less carry law.

If, for instance, under the permit-less carry law you go into a store that has signage posted that no guns are allowed and someone finds that you are carrying a concealed weapon, you could be charged with a crime.

If you are a concealed carry permit holder and you go into that same prohibited place, you could be asked to leave if you are found to be carrying a concealed weapon. If you do not leave, you could be cited for trespassing and fined a maximum of $100, but it would not be a criminal charge.

Myth Number Two: Gun registration is required.

The second big misconception that I’ve come across is about gun registration. Missouri has no law that requires gun registration.

Myth Number Three: Private Property

In Missouri, if your employer owns a building and a parking lot, that is their private property.

If you have a gun that you carry onto that private property, you could risk your employment (or even a criminal charge if you are not a concealed carry permit holder), by carrying that gun onto private property where it is prohibited.

Bills have been proposed that would change that and would allow a firearm owner to have their firearm, for instance, in the trunk of their vehicle. However, no law currently exists allowing you to do that.

So, if you take your firearm to work and your work prohibits it, you do take certain real risks.

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