My New Favorite Purse by Bren Brown, President Frontier Justice

Bren Brown, President Frontier Justice--

It may surprise some of you that I am very much in the same boat as women who are somewhat uncomfortable and less familiar with firearms. Now, granted, I know a lot more than a novice, but I am no expert. We have a full staff of experts on firearms and can train and educate even the most versed. That is not my role at Frontier Justice. My role is, and always has been, to make Frontier Justice accessible and appealing to women. I create the fashion side and I have a whole team, headed by our CEO, who run the firearms side of the business. If we win the woman, then we get the children. We know that children need to be educated on firearms, not only for safety but also so they understand the importance of personal safety and responsibility, especially as it relates to the Second Amendment. To that end, our boutiques create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere in the very front of our stores, so even women who are less familiar with firearms will be drawn to Frontier Justice to find fashion and gifts.

Now, having admitted I’m no expert, I have spent the last few years trying to figure out the very best way to conceal and carry. I have had my license for more than a decade, and I train enough to feel comfortable with handling my own security because I know the police are minutes away and criminals only take seconds to act. That said, I have always been an advocate for the Can Can holster, and still am. We carry them in the stores and it is a great product. However, there are days when it’s not convenient for my outfit or I just flat forget about it and then what? I go to what other women use as a first choice to conceal and carry, a purse.

Let it be said, that throwing a firearm in a bag without a conceal and carry ‘system’ (a specific place for their firearm and a specific plan on how it would be used in an emergency) is as good as carrying nothing in most cases.

If you don’t believe me, then try going into our simulator and do the “parking lot safety” simulation where a guy comes after you. Take your purse and put the simulator gun in your purse. Make a game of seeing how quickly you can be killed while you rummage around in that thing for your firearm. It’s alarming. I tell ladies that you must have an actual conceal and carry a purse or rig your purse with a Sticky Holster. I get it. I used to think you couldn’t get a purse that was made for conceal and carry that was 1) quality and 2) appealing.

Wrong—you can!

Enter Cameleon purses, and more specifically their new leather line. When these conceal and carry purses first arrived, I was in AWE of how they looked like just high-end leather bags. They do not look like traditional conceal and carry bags. One bag especially caught my eye—the Cameleon Hephaestus Classic Tote. This bag is CUTE. It’s very “boho-chic” and really goes with just about any outfit! And, admittedly, I like either a small piece of luggage or nothing! There is no in-between for me! The bag is cloth lined, has the conceal carry holster in the middle. The holster is quality leather and strong Velcro holds it in place so you can position it for your needs. It fits my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield perfectly. I can zip it so it’s not noticeable, but if I’m walking to my car I can have it on my arm, unzipped and readily accessible. Prepare ahead—because even with the proper purse YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN. I’ve carried the purse for more than a month now, and the leather is very sturdy. I am HARD on purses. There are no marks or scratches anywhere and it looks as good as the day I got it! The compartments are convenient. Side pockets hold a knife, tactical pen, and flashlight. Best of all—no one knows or even suspects that I have a firearm. No need to advertise! But, it looks like a classy bag that I would carry regardless of its capacity to conceal my firearm, but what a bonus that it does! I encourage you to check out the full line of Cameleon purses here!

Ladies, if fashion is more your game, I get it. But, don’t let the firearms industry fool you. You can have both—fashion AND firearms. It’s what we do! Come shop today!