Hephaestus Classic Handbag Review by Elegant & Armed


Purse Giveaway! Subscribe to my blog for details! (Ends on June 28th, 2019).

Purse Giveaway! Subscribe to my blog for details! (Ends on June 28th, 2019).

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When looking for a concealed carry purse, I look for style, safety features, and functionality. The Hephaestus Classic Handbag made by Cameleon Bags checks off all three. Continue reading to see why I choose this bag, how it has elevated my style, and the features that make this it special.


Originally, this bag was meant to serve as my “covert range bag.” I wanted a purse that will secure my firearm, is large enough to hold my shooting essentials, and doesn’t announce to the world that my next destination is the shooting range.

I learned that it DOES hold all the basics- ear muffs, safety glasses, speed loader, ammunition, and my firearm.

However, I also learned something about myself… I like to bring A LOT to the range! Typically two firearms, more ammunition, and an extra pair of eye and ear protection (If I’m taking a friend), plus all my normal purse items and perhaps a camera.

So for me, this is more of a minimalist range bag.


When I started carrying the Hephaestus more on a daily basis, it broke me out of my pastel routine and introduced some earthy tones into my wardrobe. For example, this olive-green shirtdress (Similar). I love how it’s reminiscent of a classic safari look.

As far as colors, this bag looks great with neutral, warm and muted shades. I also wear it with lighter tones, balancing the outfit by wearing leather sandals, a brown belt, or brown heels.

Besides looking great, it also has some great features!


The purse has wire reinforced/cut resistant straps and is made from high-quality leather. The main compartment has a zipper enclosure, which is perfect for me because I’ve been known to tip my purse over in the car and spill its contents.

Inside, there are two phone pockets, a zippered pocket, and a removable strap with dog hook for keys. The stiff structure of the bag makes it simple to organize the contents or your purse and locate specific items.

On the outside, there are two skinny pockets with magnet enclosures. This is where I like to put my phone. The magnet closure keeps items secure, but the pockets are easy to open with one hand.

The firearm compartment is ambidextrous, and the large leather zipper pulls make it possible to quickly find and unzip the pocket, without having to look at what you’re doing. Inside, there’s a removable holster that is made from leather and matches the outside of the purse. (How cute!) Honestly, this is the first time I’ve seen a leather holster in a concealed carry purse. One nice thing about it is that it won’t scratch your gun like Nylon sometimes can.

Another notable feature is the lining of the compartment, with Velcro lining only one side. I have seen many purses lined on both sides. However, this design allowed me to remove the holster and position it with more ease.


I originally choose this purse because I wanted a pretty bag for the range, but it quickly went into regular wardrobe rotation. Not only has it been a great purse to conceal my firearm, but it has also inspired me to wear a broader color palette. If you’re looking for a concealed carry purse, or even a, “covert range bag” the Hephaestus is a classy option!



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What do you look for in a concealed carry bag?