Brand Ambassador "Speediegreengal" on Concealed Carry Bags

Being a woman and carrying concealed isn’t always easy. In the mix of yoga pants, dresses, and skirts there aren’t a lot of options. Holsters aren’t always “one size fits all” (thick thighs don’t mix well with thigh holsters in my experience) and I never use my waistband holster because it needs constant readjusting. I have great in-waistband holsters, but I can’t always wear them. Years ago, I purchased a designer handbag specifically so that I could use it to carry when I needed to. I was very picky and combed over several until I landed on the one I purchased. Little did I know that it was basically useless unless I attached my holster on the inside of it – drilling into that expensive bag? No thanks. Then I came across Cameleon Bags. From my very first interaction with them, they were so darn nice! I have the Pandora handbag from their lineup, and I cannot express how much I love it. The leather is soft, the handles hold up to me stuffing the thing full, and carrying it crossbody is comfortable. I carry my Shield with two extra mags in it completely concealed. The gun and mags are secure thanks to the holster that is on the inside. I never have to choose if I will conceal carry for the day or not anymore. I have no outfit restrictions and my gun is easily accessible as the handbag has 3 points of entry to my gun. Simply put – this handbag has secured my safety. I highly recommend that ladies carry for their protection and the protection of their families. Don’t buy several holsters as I did. Invest in a quality bag and a quality in-waistband holster you’ll be set!