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Introducing our New Series: Hephaestus our all NEW LEATHER Bags coming in 2018!

Hephaestus was the only god in Greek Mythology that worked. He is honored for having taught mankind that work is noble and to excel at one’s craft. He became the patron god of artists, artisans, and leatherworkers.

Cameleon spent over three years in the development of the Hephaestus Natural Leather Collection. Our focus was creating exceptional leather using turn-of-the-century vegetable tanning; we also incorporated chromium salts, giving our leathers combined properties of strength, flexibility, and durability.

Once assembled each Hephaestus creation is hand finished with natural oils and waxes, then antiqued, a process where color is hand-rubbed onto the surface to accentuate the hide’s natural grain and depth of our beautiful full grain leather.

Dedication to design and construction, artistry in leather tanning; makes our Hephaestus Natural Leather Collection of conceal carry products that will exceed your expectations for the life of our products.

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Hephaestus Classic Handbag
Hephaestus Classic Handbag
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